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How does go-models work?

Behind the scenes!

Your online model profile

If your application has been successful with go-models, you will receive an email with your personal access data. You can easily and quickly present yourself on our model platform with your online model profile

Information such as training, previous experiences, talents and great photos of you complement your profile and attracts employers! With the online portfolio you can easily upload already existing SedCards or other picture albums / files. 

With the "Profile Complete" bar, you have the exact overview of your profile. A full profile increases your chances of getting a job!

Add Jobs

As a partner you will find the function "Add job" on your profile overview page. 

When you publish a new job, you can specify the body, age, and dress size as well as a description of the job. More details of the job can be added according to your wishes. 

Models and partners are always updated with "Job Alerts". This will notify you when there are jobs nearby that meet your needs.

Online job list

With our online job list, you will find suitable jobs as a model as well as a partner in a blink of an eye! 

As a model or a partner, you can search and filter the jobs by industry, actuality, TFP feature, location, sought age, and more. 

Model search also allows you to use the filters to find the right models for your orders.

Job details

Here you can see more detailed information about a selected job. If this job suits you and you correspond to the ideas of the employer, simply click on "Apply for this job"

The employer immediately receives a message that you have applied for his job. Employer can directly view your profile and quickly decide if he wants to book you for an assignment.

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Jobs management

As a partner, you can easily manage your added jobs online. In summary, you will see all your jobs listed. This gives you an overview of how many models have already applied for the job and how long your job is still active. Of course, you can edit, delete, or add to your jobs at any time.


If you have applied for a job and the partner wants to book it, he can contact you directly through the online contact form. You can also be contacted if partners are attracted to you by the model search. The notifications will then be found in your e-mail inbox.

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Choose a perfect model for your campaign! You will find the suitable models for your projects on go-models, the online model platform! Regardless for which industry: go-models will find you! Here you can find models of all ages, sizes and model categories, so you can easily contact and book suitable models online. 

This is 100% free of charge for you as an employer!

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