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A smile as a sign of optimism


Due to the Corona crisis, we all are faced with a huge challenge. In addition to the health risk, the economic existence of many entrepreneurs is also threatened. Now it is important to stick together, to support and encourage one another! Corona demands perseverance, strength, and patience from all of us - let's send a sign!

Our go-Models send optimism

  • We have numerous go-Models in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Without having to leave their homes, they can take pictures of themselves.
  • Our go-Models are in the middle of life, authentic and therefore absolutely credible.
  • We would like to set an example of optimism with our go-Models.

The go-models are giving away a smile

As one of the biggest model platforms in the German-speaking area, we want to give away a smile with our go models on social media and thus set a sign for optimism and endurance. That's why we would like to ask all go-models to take part in this campaign. The go-model with the best photo will also receive The new iPhone 11 (64GB). Our go-Models can find all details HERE.

Companies take on the sponsorship for a smile

We are also looking for entrepreneurs who would like to sponsor a go model's smile for free. Anyone can participate. For example gastronomy and caterers, tourism and hotels, event organisers and promoters, culture and sports, doctors and health care or trade and commerce. Signing up for the campaign is very easy and takes less than five minutes. Cheque details HERE.

A smile for your city or region

All go-models that participate will upload their photo on the go-models platform and get it back from us with the "Optimism-Campaigns-Logo". This can then be posted to their personal Facebook or Instagram accounts.

All entrepreneurs who sponsor a smile will receive an individualised photo. A dentist from Vienna will thus receive a photo with the campaign logo "A Smile for Vienna" or a restaurant business from Bavaria "A Smile for Bavaria". This makes the message even more personal and likeable.

We are looking forward to all those who want to create a little optimism in these difficult times and who want to participate!

For all entrepreneurs who want to join in: https://hi.go-models.com/smile-for-your-city

For all go models who want to join in: https://hi.go-models.com/become-a-mouthpiece-for-optimism

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