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With go-models you can become a model easier than ever before! With our go-models academy you will be able to impress clients with not only your pictures but also your Know-How about the most important areas of the model industry! Start your education today!

Welcome to the go-Academy

Diversity of people as well as their personality are a key factor for us. With our platform we are trying to give everyone the chance to become a model regardless of their height, weight, age or sex. To reach this goal, we are trying to provide help to our community with the go-Academy. Especially providing help in the most important basics for models. We offer very informative and interesting videos, blogs and courses for our models. Models receive badges if they complete courses and tests. These badges will be visible on the models’ profile. Reach the “Master Level” to show our clients that you are a go-Model with Know-How!

go-models E-book

Check out our brand new ebook with essential tips and helpful information on topics such as home-model jobs, image editing, comp card, and more!


How to become a go-academy member?

Our go-academy is free to use for all models on the platform! Would you like to impress clients not only with your pictures but also with your knowledge about the model industry? Complete our courses and earn badges for your profile!

How to get go-model badges?

In order to receive go-model badges you would need to complete our courses on various topics. All these courses offer relevant information about topics especially about “modelling and models”. To finalize these courses, you would need to successfully complete a test. By completing them you can show that you possess knowledge about the model industry!

How to become a VIP Club member?

In order to become a VIP Club member, you will have to complete all courses and pass all tests – especially the master test! All your pictures of your comp card have to be rated positively by our team – with this your profile will be perfect with great pictures and relevant Know-How!

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