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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of travel, models and photographers. Wouldn't an interesting competition be a good way to start to get there? As our go-models winner you would have a great chance to show yourself to a wide audience. The best tips and tricks to show yourself in the best light can be found on our go-Models website in the Academy and in the magazine!

Welcome to the go-Contests

Hello go model! Every year we organize many competitions in a wide variety of categories, containing something matching for every age! The campaigns will not only help you to win a great prize if you are lucky, but you also can design your model profile and your compcard much better. You should take part, as our winning go-model you will gain special attention from clients because we will present you in a big way!

Everybody can take part! Everyone can win!

You will definitely win by participating in our campaigns, as your compcard can improve significantly by working on it.You know, your sedcard is your business card!

At go-Models there are many fabolous courses in our academy where you can easily learn to bring your model profile to perfection!

Our Contests

Concours Instagram go-models

Vous cherchez à gagner 500 USD ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin que notre concours Instagram go-models ! Pour participer, il vous suffit de : télécharger une photo...

500 USD. - AwardsOuverte: Left 2 mois 15 jours
Comp card not required

Nourriture à manger avec les doigts

Nous recherchons de superbes photos de bébés avec de la nourriture à la main. De doux à une cuillère avec de la bouillie. Voyons combien il goûte et est apprécié. Un dribble de ket...

200 €. - AwardsOuverte: Left 23 jours
Comp card not required

Nourriture à manger avec les doigts

Nous recherchons de superbes photos d'enfants avec de la nourriture à la main. Que ce soit de la crème glacée ou des spaghettis, ce sont les classiques que les enfants adorent....

200 €. - AwardsOuverte: Left 23 jours
Comp card not required

Je l'aime - oh ouais!

Nous recherchons des photos de go-models qui nous montrent leur montre, bijou, vêtement ou accessoire préféré. Montrez-nous quelles marques déclenchent un "oh ouais" sur...

200 €. - AwardsOuverte: Left 23 jours
Comp card not required
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Everybody can be a winner

Login to your account and apply for contest, don’t have account? Don’t worry, registration is easy!

With your personal account you can easy upload photos that are rated by our professionals and you will always receive feedback on them. Isn´t that cool?

3 reasons to join today


Step into the spotlight!

If you win a competition, you will come out big on go-models. Customers will notice that too!


Practice for future assignments!

With this competition you get a specific task. This is a great exercise for future photo jobs, so join in!


Anyone can win!

Anyone can become a model. Because it's about your appearance and your charisma. That's why everyone can win!

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