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4 fashion metropolises every model should know!


New York, Paris, Milan and London are always on top when it comes to fashion, styles and colours thanks to the respective Fashion Week. They are the 4 fashion metropolises that every model should know. Last but not least, Pantone regularly presents trend colours for the Fashion Weeks in New York and London. And the fashion capitals have more to offer, especially if you plan to become a model. But what makes these cities fashion metropolises?

The fashion metropolis in the USA

Across the Atlantic, it's above all New York, the city that stands for fashion and style. However, it could actually be any city in America that wins over the fashion world with its flair and charisma. But as a city with over 8.6 million inhabitants on the outskirts of the US, it is a colourful hotspot which notably draws attention by street style. New York is hip, young and not just since "Sex in the City" has become a dream city for young Europeans. If you want to be a model, you have to have once been to New York and seen the fashion potpourri in the streets.

Paris Fashion Week for the Europeans

Paris and fashion – it just fits and always will. Not any other city offers so much fashion glamour and is at the same time the epitome of style and elegance. Paris is to Europe what New York means to the USA – a vibrant city which seduces the world of fashion with ist flair. If you want to be a model and still have some catching up to do in terms of elegance and style, you definitely should explore Paris and stroll through the streets, watching through the eyes of a fashion seeker.


Enchanting the fashion world In the warm South

The Milan Fashion Weeks always have a more a southern touch and feel. The world in Milan is not just about couture and high street fashion. Being a city that puts a variety of culture at the heart of connoisseurs, Milan is also different when it comes to the world of fashion. If you wish to discover this aspect, it takes more than just a visit to the Milan Fashion Week. It needs the keen eye of a lover of fabrics and colours and if you want to become a model, you should dive into this atmosphere.

The island of fashion

London is known for unusual fabrics, designs and food. The Fashion Week is in terms of style not much different from the other fashion capitals. What makes London so different in fashion is the street style here too. Yet the flair of fashion in the streets also makes the controversy on Fashion Week really tangible. The fashion world is a bit more tough on the island, freed up and yet the at the same time somehow holding on to conventions.


Like every model, New York, Paris, Milan and London are the 4 fashion metropolises that you should know.

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