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As a newcomer model, you should know this!


As a model, you travel a lot, constantly develop and get to know new things again and again. But what are the prerequisites for becoming a model? In this article, we will tell you the most important things to know as a newcomer model.

Pay attention to your body

As a model, it's important that you're a bit resilient. Therefore, a healthy body and a positive attitude is the most important thing!

Take care of a healthy and balanced diet! A healthy lifestyle helps you to lead an active and fit life and also to master stressful times skilfully. Especially if you want to become a model, it is important to be stress-resistant!


Punctuality and reliability

As a model, you need to be well-organised!

It is vital that you arrive in good time for an order. It is better to get there a lot too early rather than being late. Because after all, the first impression matters!

A punctual and reliable appearance also demonstrates your discipline – which you need above all as a prerequisite to becoming a model.

Also, you should always take your mobile phone charging cable with you or print out the directions, so that you will have everything handy if needed!

A positive charisma

Even the most beautiful face does not seem exciting without a captivating charisma. Especially as a model you need a positive charisma!

If you feel comfortable in your body and are happy, then you will radiate it too!

Negative thoughts are normal – but don't let them drag you down. If you want to be a model, you have to do your best even on those bad days and present yourself at your best on orders.

Tip: Best practise your emotions in front of a mirror and take pictures of you. A model should always be prepared to convey feelings and emotions at the touch of a button!


Find your niche!

Each project requires different types of models. You are very tall (over 1.75 cm) and have classic model measurements? Then perhaps you are particularly suited for the catwalk.

You don't have classic model measurements yet a great and natural charisma? Then you might be interested in jobs for catalogueueues or advertising.

It is important that you find your niche in which you feel comfortable!

The right care

For casting, you should ideally show up (unless otherwise instructed) with no or just little make-up.

You may also wear body-focused clothing (skin-coloured underwear!) to accentuate your figure. The best thing here is a tight pair of jeans and a tight-fitting top. But also here please pay attention to your outfit which should not be too revealing! Read here how to become a style expert.

Looking well-groomed is the most important thing in casting or job and of course a prerequisite if you want to become a model!


Comp Card

Something that should never be missing in casting or job: Your Model Comp Card!

Print them out and take them with you in a nice folder or envelope, so that you can show them right away and always have them at hand! Namely as a newcomer model, this is something that you should know about.

We recommend that you update the images of your Comp Card regularly.

Moreover, be sure to have varied pictures in your Comp card and try to show your positive charisma as best you can!

Stay professional

Of course, a career as a model is not always easy and requires perseverance.

There may also be cancellations for castings or job applications. Crucial in this situation is: Stay professional and friendly!

An important step to becoming a model is also to learn that you should not take everything personally. Even if this is easier said than done!

Convince with your positive charisma and personality, stay friendly and be disciplined. Work on yourself and try to make the most of not so simple situations!

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