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Fashion trends Spring 2019 – these are hot!


As an aspiring model (or if you want to become a model), it's always important to know the world of fashion and stay up-to-date.

Therefore, we will tell you the top 5 fashion trends for Spring 2019 – these are really hot this season!

Spring is just around the corner and so are new fashion trends. First of all, it will not be boring at all this spring.

1. Batik patterns

In the 1960s, made famous by the hippies, colourful and striking patterns were considered a symbol of peace and freedom.

In 2019 they are back. Cool, creative patterns – which will definitely be an eye-catcher everywhere.


2. Crochet fabrics

Crocheted bags were already in trend as an accessory in 2018, now crochet fashion completes the look.

Whether crochet, lace or fishing net look – this spring season just about everything is allowed!

Designers such as Alexander McQueen or Chloe have revived the look and made it acceptable outside festivals.

Definitely a great look – with a guaranteed feeling of beach and festivals.


3. Cycling trousers

Yes, who would have thought that – they are back! This year, cycling trousers celebrate their comeback from the 1990 years!

Last year already, Kim Kardashian was seen on Instagram in a cycling trousers look. Many influencers and Instagrammers then followed.

Meanwhile, the cycling trousers are back officially on the catwalk and seen by designers such as Chanel and Prada.

Tip: Cycling trousers can be elegantly combined with a chic blazer or blouse. An oversize sweater also makes for a casual look!

4. Pantsuits

Again and again classic and elegant, of course, pantsuits are a must this year.

Whether striking, colourful, oversized or just "business-like" – the pantsuit is back in fashion this spring!


5. Overalls

The new "It-Piece" par excellence – overalls!

Elegant, sporty, classic, masculine or sexy – the overall comes in all variations this year!

Even designers such as Hermes or Louis Vuitton featured the overall on the catwalk this year.

Advantage: Overalls are always comfortable to wear, quickly put on and great to combine!


It is particularly important that you find your own style if you want to become a model or are already working as a model.

Now you know the hot fashion trends for spring 2019, and these are hot indeed. From here, you should always stay informed about current trends. So you can score at events with your own style and show that you are also interested in the latest fashion and designers!

If you want to become a true style expert, here is some advice for you.

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