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Tutorial: How to take correct body measurements


As a model or if you want to become a model, it's important that you know your measurements. In this little tutorial, I want to show you what matters and how you can easily take correct body measurements of chest, waist and waist circumference yourself.

It's important that you always measure accurately.

The most important thing at a glance:

  • Chest: Measured at the widest point

  • Waist: This is measured at its narrowest point

  • Hip: This is again measured at the widest point.

Also in your model profile at go-models you should specify your measurements correctly and update them regularly. Especially your Comp card should always be up to date.

Whether it's a job application or a photoshoot, your details should be correct.

So that the clothes sit really well and the client can rely on your measurements.

Again and again, advertising agencies, film companies and photographers are looking for new models, be it for the runway, a fashion journal, new collections and much more.

For this reason, it is essential that your measurements are correct and always up-to-date.

Here I want to show you how to do it.

Whether you're already working as a model or want to become a model, here's just a few steps to explain how you measure your measurements correctly.


As already mentioned at the beginning, you should measure the breast circumference where the breast is the furthest. It is important that you keep the measuring tape horizontal and not too tight.


The narrowest part for the waist circumference you will find about 2 to 5 cm above the belly button. Again, it is important not to tighten and keep the measuring tape horizontal.


The hip

The hip circumference is again measured at the widest point. It's best to use a mirror.

Tip: The widest point for the hip circumference is not always the place where the butt is furthest. Look head-on at your hips. You should measure where you are the furthest on the side.

Take measurements for men

By and large, the same applies to men's models – and all those who want to become models. Often men worry a little less about the right measurements.

Time and again we see that gentlemen indicate their measurements in their clothing size (e.g. 40 EU). But that alone is not enough. Certainly we also need the right measures from men.

Here's how it's done:

Armlength: Measure from shoulder to wrist.

Chest: Fair at the strongest point of the chest. You must hold the measuring tape horizontally around the body.

Under-breast circumference: Fair at the lower chest base horizontally around the body.

Federal scope: You can measure this, for example, on your waistband. Measure the width of your waistband.

Hips: Fair horizontally around the strongest part of the buttocks.

Leg length: Fair along the leg from step to the floor.

Finally. as with the models, it is also important for men that you measure close to the body in order to obtain precise measurements. The best thing you do is wear only underwear. You can also ask someone for help.

I hope my tips in this tutorial could help you understand how to take correct body measurements. If you have any questions, please leave a comment! :)

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