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Animal Print - animal-inspired styles and combinations


The animals are back on the clothes, and so we enjoy a variety of styles and combinations. No matter if leopard or snake, when becoming a model it is also important to look back at fashion of times gone by. This also includes a closer look at the styles and combinations of the 80s and 90s. After all, there is one revival after another. They invite us into the past of the fashion world. Animal Print is no exception – proven animal-inspired styles in the new look of today's fashion.

Leo-mania for the woman of today

Actually, it was never gone really, however now the leopard print is streetstyle-ready again, and it makes for exciting combinations. Last fall/winter, designers dared to bring back combinations with animal patterns again. The Leo coat has since become a must. With blue jeans and simple black or beige tops, it becomes a true classic.

Depending on the cut, the Leo coat can also be combined with the "little black dress" or the sporty sneaker dress. If you want to become a model, it is worth looking into the magazines of past decades. Because there are numerous fashionable combinations with shoes and handbags in Leo print.

Snake patterns have also become popular, especially for shoes and handbags. Even these days you can still spot skintight trousers with that snake pattern which can be stylishly combined with high heels and a black or white top.

Nevertheless, even whole pantsuits with snake print can be worn in fashion if you are aware of the effect. Compared to that, it is a little more discreet with the fashion accessories which can also be skillfully staged with colored snake patterns.

The striped zebra as an eye-catcher

Zebra as an animal print is rarely worn because the stripe pattern is difficult to combine and just does not want to adapt as a striking black and white stripe print. However, if you want to become a model, you may sometimes leave the ordinary a bit and use modern combinations with zebra, leopard and snake. The daring pattern mix is the trend this year and can be lived out skilfully with Animal Prints in colorful form.

You want to become a model? Then try it out, please!

If you want to wear a discreet look with Animal Prints, you can turn to an animal print handbag, scarf or shoes to create truly "animal" styles.

These fashion accessories can be combined easier and faster, as they can be worn with many different outfits. Anyone who nevertheless decides in favor of Animal Prints on clothing will always find the right combination with a plain-colored counterpart: animal blouse with black trousers and snake trousers with a white blouse are always just right.

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