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Become a Commercial Model: Possible?


Have you ever toyed with the idea of becoming a model? Or even imagined yourself in stylish clothes like those featured in today’s top modeling catalogues? You, most certainly have but have you wondered how to become a model? If you have, you may be interested in becoming one yourself. The good thing is, you are in the right place – read our introductory guide below and teach and show you how to become an actual commercial model.

Our Philosophy

In short, we at go-models, want you to become more familiar with a modeling career and help you achieve this. We provide several services that are meant to help you find your niche in this sector and make your dreams come true. However, you may have some reservations or insecurities, or consider you are not suited for the model job description. There are a wide range of model types, so allow us to tell you about all the different types that are currently in vogue.

Commercial Models

Decades ago, a model’s job was to look exactly according to the type of role model that was presented. Nowadays, however, commercial models are needed for various products, and all types of people and characters are being represented. The opportunities are endless regardless of race, size or beliefs.

There are...

... Baby Models

Do you think your baby is cute? Do you love to see him or her smile? Couldn’t you just imagine your baby making a good model for baby food or diapers. If so, you can fill out an application for your pride and joy here!

... Child Models

Everyone starts small, and children always look great in nice clothes. Do you want to see your child in the newest fashion style? Are you below the age of fifteen yourself and would like to model in a safe and secured environment? Look no further, our dedicated (contracted?) team is trained, verified and ready to guide you.

... Models Aged 15-50

The model type we are all familiar with is between fifteen and fifty. Most magazines and websites show their latest designs by having a model of that particular age group present their product. So, what are you waiting for? Why not give it a try yourself and find your way into the new colourful model life on our website! There are many model castings waiting for you.

... Male Models


Whether you are the golden boy type, a more exquisite looking man or someone who has aged well, male models can be different ages and styles. If you would like to step in front of the camera, enjoy promoting your given assets or catch yourself gazing in front of the mirror, this is the job for you. Your opportunity awaits you.

... 50 Plus Models

Models can only be teenagers and people in their twenties, right? Well, no! Have you ever seen a TV advertisement for more elegant clothes, or flipped through a catalogue and seen an elder person in a dress or a great looking jacket? Haven’t we all at one time or another? Models over fifty are often seen portrayed on billboards to posters, as well. If you want to find a new start after fifty and do something for you for a change, make your dream come true by becoming a 50 plus model. Look no further to find out how you can become a successful commercial model.

... Curvy Models

Curvy or plus-size models are in demand and highly popular and the trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. Whether it be in sports magazines, fashion magazines and in all kinds of clothes advertisements, your day has come. Simply put, because looking great is not only about clothing size – it’s about feeling good about yourself and that is exactly what we are looking for in a model, as well. So, join the bold and the beautiful and apply today to become a model and join our project!

... Fitness Models

Do you love sports, exercising and a solid workout? Would you like to show your hard-earned results or watch your trained muscles in action? If so, and you have the body of a professional athlete (or perhaps you even are a professional athlete), then why not become a model. Let your dedicated hard work start paying you dividends and be the face of an international sports brand or appear in a sports advertisement.

... Tattoo Models

Being a model is about charisma and looks, but above all, it is also about individuality. If you love tattoos and consider your style as alternative and unique as you are, then you are the right person to become a successful tattoo model. Your one and only way of being inked can make you even more photogenic and expressive.


The important thing to us is that you feel comfortable with yourself. Therefore, we try to represent all genders, sizes, and ages. We believe in the personal magnetism of each and every person, and love supporting people in their dream to become a model. When you would like to get started right away, our exclusive go-academy learning platform and comp card can get the ball rolling. With this portfolio, you can show your talent in the best way and introduce yourself to future employers.

Commercial Models: The Bottom Line

If you have ever considered or dreamt of becoming a commercial model, you definitely should try it out. Everyone is worthy of finding a job that they enjoy and that fulfils their dreams and wishes. If you want to know more about how to become a model, take a look at our exclusive go-academy, the tips and tricks for models, or check out the latest trends. You can also look at our list of featured go-models and enjoy flawless images of a wide variety of people. Perhaps, this will definitely encourage you and show you that becoming a model is indeed possible.

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