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Natural cosmetics – more and more models value natural ingredients


The market for natural cosmetics continues to grow. In fact, an increasing number of models are turning to care products with natural ingredients. In case you wish to become a model, you can completely switch to natural cosmetics. After all, there is a large selection of natural cosmetics.

Are there any disadvantages?

The advantages and disadvantages of natural cosmetics:

Powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner & Co.

Firstly, make-up articles with natural ingredients offer the advantage of less skin irritation. At the same time, there is a disadvantage that natural products do not last as long. For instance, the eye shadow may smudge sooner or the eyeliner may not be as easy to apply. However, if you wish to become a model, you have to pay attention to good make-up. Accordingly, one should use products that stay long.


With lipsticks, the advantage of natural cosmetics lies in the fact that they usually have care products added. The lips do not dry out as quickly and feel nourished all over. But even lipsticks tend to lack durability and opacity if they are natural cosmetics.



Mascara from the natural cosmetics shelf has the advantage of smelling less unpleasant than traditional mascara. However, you often have to make compromises with special inks to lengthen the eyelashes, push the eyeline, and so on. If you want to become a model and want to ink your eyelashes in black, green or blue color, you have a large selection of mascara available from the range of natural cosmetics.

Nail polishes and nail polish remover

The great advantage of nail polishes and removers is that they do not smell as unpleasant. In addition, they usually contain care substances that are beneficial to the nails. Nail polishes as natural cosmetics are known not to stay on nails for very long. Above all, a very proper preparation of the fingernails before varnishing is vital here.

Hairstyling products

Hairspray, hair gels or mousses made of natural ingredients are also very popular. The extra care spoils the hair. In addition, the strength of natural hair products is usually not compromised. However, hair sprays normally do without the known propellants. They rather use pump sprays. This often results in a less fine spray mist. Consequently. depending on your own hair structure, this may have a negative effect.


Shower gels & shampoos

With shower products as well as hair shampoos there is a large selection from the natural cosmetics range. As for shampoos, there are liquid/gel-like agents and hair shampoo soaps. With shower gels from the natural cosmetics shelf, you simply have the advantage that they do not contain any harmful ingredients or microplastics. Actually, today there are no disadvantages anymore. Only now and then there are still some products which are not particularly good at forming foam.


With deodorants from the natural cosmetics shelf. you don't have to compromise on anything anymore. They protect just like conventional products and smell just as fresh. The only downside is that they don't inhibit perspiration like deodorants with aluminum do.

In case you want to become a model today, make-up products do not necessarily have to be natural cosmetics. Above all, first and foremost, it is always important that your own skin tolerates the products and that you get the desired result.

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