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Normal size – naturalness is on-trend again


Scandal photos, shock reports, a lot of headlines – reports about the character of certain celebrities pop up in the news again and again. However, naturalness is on-trend again, and it's back to normal size.

Women, often far too thin, used to dominate in the presentation of fashion and advertising products. Especially young girls and boys grow up with unrealistic ideals of beauty and favor an "ideal measure".

However, the time of "size zero models" has changed a lot! In the meantime, designers and agencies are successfully relying more and more on women and men with a "standard size" figure. Curves are in demand!

Back to naturalness is the secret!

Who needs ideal measures? For a long time, the modeling industry considered the measurements 90-60-90 as ideal for women. Also among the male models, slim and slim types were more in demand. The 30cm rule (the difference between waist circumference to the chest and hip circumference of exactly 30cm) has lost importance over the years. There has been a paradigm shift: female and male models should now be one thing above all: natural! Much more important today are personality, charisma and the "certain something" rather than the "perfect" figure.

Let's face it: Most of us are better able to identify with models who wear a dress size that can also be found in popular clothing stores. This seems equally more sympathetic to many customers.


World-famous models show how to do it

Gisele Bündchen is an internationally sought-after and world-renowned supermodel. Even at the age of 36 and after two pregnancies, she is still in high demand in the model business. With a height of 180 cm, she weighs 59 kilos and is therefore in the normal range. Another Hollywood star loved for her criticism of Hollywood's predetermined body image, is Jennifer Lawrence. She fights anorexia, is always on diets and pays attention above all to a "fit and strong" body. The Oscar winner weighs an estimated 63 kilos at 175 cm and looks absolutely stunning and fit.

Diversity is in demand

The days when all models were 180 cm tall and wore size "zero" are over. The trend today is more towards diversity and individuality. No longer towards ideal measures. Every model should have a positive and confident charisma.

As the wonderful Coco Chanel once said: "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!"

It's back to normal size – naturalness clearly is on-trend again. Why not show what you got?! Read more about Plus Size Model here.

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