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Casual look – the casual outfit for everyday life and work


The term casual outfit has become more and more popular in recent years. By now, the outfits are more commonplace than the term suggests. The casual look can, roughly speaking, be divided into the areas of work and everyday life. It offers many different ways to dress fashionably and casually, without breaking the fashion concept principles. Who wants to become a model will know the different "unwritten laws" on the right outfit at the right time. And the casual look is not much different. With it, you have a casual outfit for all occasions.

Casual outfit – what kind of dress style is that?

'Casual' actually means just informal and relaxed. So the casual outfit actually is nothing else but what you wear on the couch at home after work. Or for quick shopping or meeting friends. It's that mix of clothes that makes you feel comfortable and which is just chic enough to dare take to the streets. If you want to become a model, the casual look is exactly what you like to wear after the shoot. In fact, it's comfortable and you just feel good.

In brief, roughly speaking, a distinction is made between casual wear, smart casual and business casual. The differences here lie in the degree of the elegance of the outfits. Smart casual is somewhere between casual wear and business casual.

Casual Wear – the casual look for life

The casual leisure look is ideal for at home or meeting with friends. Also to get some bread rolls from the bakery or for fast shopping because you may have run out of cream. Here you can wear what you fancy, what is casual and comfortable. From jogging pants to casual summer dresses, Casual Wear offers many options. These you can of course also wear if you want to be a model.

Casual look – casual outfit

The "smart" outfit dates back to times in which, especially in offices and banks an elegant dress code prevailed, which could be bypassed with a smart casual look. It is safe to wear a pair of jeans here. Also, an elegant T-shirt can be part of the look. The colours are dark – in blue, brown or black. The cuts are casual and comfortable. However, no baggy look, no holes and no deep neckline, please. All in all, with a Smart Casual you can't go wrong in the office.

Business Casual – the highness of outfits

Of course, the look in Business Casual does not have to be "stiff" and might include some relaxing elements. For men, it would be the classic suit, and the ladies like to pick a trouser suit or at least an elegant blazer. The jeans are replaced by fabric trousers or an elegant skirt, but an elegant dress can also be part of the business casual.


To sum up, If you are already a model or want to become a model, a cleverly used casual outfit in casual look can be enormously beneficial for you.

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