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DIY: Take beautiful photos of yourself easily!


Photoshoots, fashion, and glamour: Many young people dream of becoming a model and want to realise their dream. If they knew how to take beautiful photos of themselves, it may well become a bit easier to achieve.

Of course, this does not just happen overnight.

Being part of a model portal like go-models is a good start. However, becoming a model and a convincing portfolio go hand in hand.

Many are unsure how best to pose in front of the camera and show their charisma.

You may also have asked yourself the question:

What is the best way to take good photos of myself?

In this article, I would like to give you some tips on how to take the best photos of yourself easily in DIY fashion in order to give your model career the best possible start.

go-models is more than a model agency – in fact, it is a model portal – that helps you as a model to start your model career.

Here, photographers and future models can exchange and network.

Tripod and trigger

In general, it would be beneficial if you got a tripod (for a smartphone or camera). On the tripod, you can easily attach your phone and take really good photos at the touch of a button, using a Bluetooth trigger which you hold in your hand.

You can take the tripod with you anywhere and take cool street style fashion photos.

Another advantage of a tripod: you can adjust it in several sizes, so you can easily take yourself beautiful photos at home and anywhere from different perspectives.


Here are some tips on the right posture

To make a good figure in the photos, you should take a 45-degree angle to the camera.

Align the shoulders with the camera at a slight rotation, slightly angle one leg. This posture makes the hips look a little narrower and the legs appear longer.

Even when taking photos in a seated position, the posture matters!

An upright posture works best when sitting. Neck and back straight, pull in the abdomen and put the chin slightly to the shoulder.

If you want to become a model, you should always pay attention to your overall expression (in no way strained or unnatural ).

Also, give the best expression to the legs when sitting

First of all, you have to lift your legs slightly and put one foot in front of the camera over the other. The toes of your toes are slightly drawn to the ground. This causes tension in the calf muscles, which gives your feet a perfect definition.


Avoid the double chin

In this case, too, it is the right attitude that makes the difference between a successful and an unfavourable photo!

And here's how it's done: First, pull your shoulders back, neck a little forward. The chin should be slightly downwards. Although this attitude may seem a little ridiculous to you, on the selfy it is the winner.


The light

In addition to the correct posture, light is the second decisive factor. Whether you use natural or artificial light is up to you and the respective situation.

However, one thing you have to bear in mind is that you should never take pictures directly into a light source. This causes everything behind you to be overexposed, whereas the object – yourself that is– remains underexposed.

As a rule of thumb, the warmer the light source, the more feminine the photo will be!

I hope my tips on how to take beautiful photos of yourself, be it at home or about, could help you! If you have any questions, please leave a comment! :)

In case you are looking for further advice on how to start as a newcomer model, this article could make interesting reading for you.

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