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Modelling Jobs from the comforts of home


It has never been so easy and convenient to do model jobs for companies from home. Have you ever wondered how this works? It is as easy as your imagination.

Allow us to explain.

Clients are increasingly looking for natural, authentic models. People are in demand with a positive magnetism that fits the brand. Companies are looking for models who can present their products in a credible and charming way. A natural environment is required. Ideal, for example, is your own apartment, where the personality resonates during the photoshoot.

At go-models, we also refer to this as "home-modelling".

How exactly does "home modelling jobs" work?

With these jobs, you don't meet the client in person. You can easily do everything from home and the process is uncomplicated. In the beginning, you’ll get a customer briefing online. It explains exactly what you need to do and what the photos of you and the product should look like. After you have taken the photos, you send them online to the customer. Depending on the briefing, the company selects one or more photos, which are then used for the company on the brand's website, brochures or social media channels.

In many cases of home modelling, this includes posting the photo on your Instagram account, for example. The number of followers doesn't matter much here. You see, home modelling is really easy.

We at go-models are among the first to recognise this trend. That's why we have possibilities on our online model portal to get "home modelling jobs" and to carry them out independently. Naturally, you always decide for yourself where, when and which jobs you want to take!


What does "home-modelling" look like in practise?

A very good example of this type of job is the customer “deli dip” who works with our platform. The brand "deli dip" is a very popular hummus product in the German-speaking world. As with our model Tamara, "deli dip" gives the exact briefing.

With this, Tamara was easily able to take great photos herself and then with a click, sent them to the client online. The photos Tamara submitted were then posted on the Instagram channel of deli dip. The model payment was transferred directly into the model's account.


The wonderful thing is that you don't have to be an Instagram professional with many followers to take on such jobs. Any model with a social media account, be it an Instagram or Facebook, is eligible because of their own naturalness.

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