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Plus-Size Models are demanded in Fashion!


Previously hardly seen on the catwalks of the big designers, plus-size models are nowadays demanded in fashion and increasingly part of big fashion weeks. Slowly but surely the fashion industry is changing. After all, fashion should be there for everyone! This exactly is the massage of more and more designers.

Strong women defy common beauty ideals

Being confident about one's body and showing to the world that it's not just the appearances that matter.s These are the models who present themselves just as they are. Because beauty knows no ready-made sizes!

Big beauty brands such as 'Dove' have discovered the potential of fun-loving and authentic women early on. In fact, they have been successfully promoting their care products with plus-size models for years. Other companies, brands, and advertising companies are now also looking for plus-size models. These models even work for designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors or Jean-Paul Gaultier.

A Plus-Size Model makes it onto the Sports Illustrated cover

Another example is Ashley Graham, a super sexy and curvy woman. Among other things, you can see her lightly dressed for lingerie labels in seductive poses. Ashley Graham made it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated as the first plus-size model. She is Internationally known and in very high demand. Standing confidently to your own body and showing yourself as you are – this is particularly well-received by young people.


The beautiful Ashley Graham convinces especially with her relaxed and sympathetic charisma!

Men also join in

The first successful male "plus-size" model, Zach Miko, proves that men with a few extra-kilos are in high demand. Referred to as "brawn" models, the pounds in men symbolise mainly muscle strength and thus more masculinity. "Brawn" models are strong-looking men, which we don't want to see a gram lighter! An absolutely positive trend in the men's model business.

XL models for more than just fashion

The curvaceous ladies and gentlemen stand against the slimming mania and the partly "forced" beauty ideal of our time. They show us that even with a few pounds extra, you can well be more sensuous and confident. The photos of Ashley Graham alone prove that a few kilos can be sexier! If someone has power, charisma, and desire to show it... then nothing stands in the way of a career as a plus-size model.

Just have courage, because you are good as you are!

Plus-Size Models are demanded in the fashion industry. Remarkable opportunities for yourself! For more, read here about Plus Size Model.

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