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Spring 2018 – 5 trends await you this season!


As a model, or if you are thinking of becoming a model, you will wish to stay informed about what's going on in the world of fashion. Spring 2018: Today we tell you the top 5 fashion trends for this season.

1. Slip dresses

This year, so-called "slip dresses" are the order of the day. Slip dresses are made of satin or silk and have some negligee resemblance.

Slip dresses always look sexy - whether worn with a pair of high heels or in combination with a T-shirt or sweater.

Also, a knitted pity is often worn underneath or simply casual trousers to a slip dress.


2. Trenchcoats

Although trench coats never really disappeared from the fashion scene and were always among the fashion trends, this year they shine in a slightly new design. Whether with a belt, fringe, embroidery or new trend colours – trench coats are again the ultimate must-have in spring!

Trench coats were particularly on display at Alexander McQueen's fashion show this year.


3. Jogging suit

For a while, the jogging suit was frowned upon in public.

But following the fashion shows of Christian Dior and Fenty x Puma, the jogging suit became acceptable. Thanks to the stylish interpretations of the designers, the jogging suit is now also the perfect outfit for on the go and is the fashion trend 2018!


4. Cheerful colours

Winter is over – now it's time for some bright colours!

Especially bright colours such as red, yellow or teal are the order of the day this season.

Such colours always exude a good mood and are the real eye-catcher!


5. Dark Denim

Finally, dark denim replaced a classic, the Levis 501. Dark denim suits casual or elegant looks.

The "total look", i.e. dark denim from head to toe, is also particularly popular. But even with a chic base part like a top or a blouse, dark denim pants can be easily combined.

Dark denim is always chic and also makes a slimmer figure!


With these tips on the 5 main trends that await you for spring 2018, you will be well-prepared to be at the forefront of fashion this season.

In this article is style expert advice for all aspiring fashionistas, check it out!

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