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The new style trends for this fall!


Colour, patterns and the right style invite you to spend the winter fashionably trendy. Let's have a quick look at the new style trends for this fall.

This season it will be colourful and edgy, elegant and old-fashioned. Don't miss the trendy mix of different styles this winter which will also see great combinations on this year's catwalks.

However, the autumn-winter trends of fashion will also bring a mix with old highlights in the 2019/2020 season. Everybody can highlight its own style.

Samples may apply

Karos in many facets are at the top of the list of must-haves this autumn. Glencheck, also known as Glen Plaid, is in attendance as well, with subtle colours and a lot of styles. The mix of large and small checkers can be worn as a jacket in autumn or can also be found in the trousers. In addition, Tartan and Argyle are also at the top of the list this autumn.

Fluffy in winter

Don't pull the teddy in bed over your ears, but also this autumn/winter definitely put on teddy plush in the form of coats and jackets. Also the classic fur imitations must not be missing on the way to the model to keep warm on the cold days.


Both jacket models may also be decorated with plaids and offer a harmonious opportunity for combination, especially in discreet pastel shades.

Colour, colour, and colour again

It's getting natural in the colour combination of the clothes. In the fall/winter season, fashion may range from mustard (yellow) over sage (green) to merlot (red). Natural colours are also very important in the Pantone trend colours: reds are cranberry, merlot, crabapple or there is guacamole as a green shade. Take courage to mix and use the designers' colour palette to its full extent. For those who prefer something more subtle, use the gentle "Vanilla Custard" (basic colour in the Pantone Palette NYFW). This is a subtle beige-yellow colour which is very adaptable.

New fashion for men

Men's fashion is in the focus of designers too as more and more guys want to be dressed in style. For men, it has to be sporty above all. The perfect mix of everyday clothing, which comes multifunctional with a touch of outdoor, is a must in any men's wardrobe. Glencheck is fine, and the good old corduroy in casual style is also part of it. Men who like to be sporty and elegant may choose the clothes from the 1990s.


With the new style trends for this fall, you can't go wrong and will always go in the style of this season.

It's important, namely if you probably think of becoming a model.

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