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12 home remedies for beauty – a day just for myself


It's Saturday, outside it's bitterly cold and I don't want to leave the house. Now, what do I do on my day off at home? Well, I'm just going to take care of myself! Today I give priority to my own well-being. Since I don't want to leave the house, my 12 home remedies are great for a beauty day.

1: Immediately after getting up, I drink a glass of lukewarm water. This is good for the stomach and I immediately notice how much better I'm feeling. Then I quickly check my emails before I prepare my breakfast.

At Breakfast

2: As I prepare breakfast, I rub my elbows with lemon juice! This acts like exfoliation and leaves the skin wonderfully soft.

3: So, the breakfast is ready and before I sit down at the table, I massage some coconut oil on my face. This delicately softens the skin, is natural and optimally moisturizes for the day.

Off to the bathroom

4: I rub the whole body with coffee sud, wonderful! As a result, the skin becomes totally soft and the best thing about it: This also helps against cellulitis! In brief, a great home remedy!

5: Now I slip into a full bath. I heard that the Egyptian queen Nofretete bathed in donkey milk - well, I can too! So I take a full bath, but instead of donkey milk, I take a liter of whole milk as a bath additive. Now quickly add some honey to my dry lips and off into the bathtub. Now I really feel like a queen myself.



6: Of course, I must not forget my hair, so I put a nut-sized piece of coconut oil into my hands and carefully distribute it into my hair. For everything to work better, I massage it nicely and put on a shower hood. After about 30 minutes I can wash my hair.

The newspaper is ready, I put on my favorite CD and enjoy this day, on which I just think of myself and gonna have a good time. Simply wonderful!

7: After the bath, I go back to my bed to relax and just let my soul dangle. But before that, I quickly massage my brittle fingernails with some olive oil to strengthen them.

It's already afternoon and I'm thinking about what I'm going to do with all my beauty now. A few phone calls with friends and already the program is for the evening. We meet in our favorite restaurant and will turn the night into day. I am of course aware that after such a night something must be done again for beauty.

What helps after a long night?

8: A great trick is to dip the face in ice water. You look smoother and fresher already! Even eye bags disappear in such a wonderful way!

9: Also, place cucumber slices or bags of black tea soaked in water on the eyelids, and the swelling disappears.

10: You can also make a face mask yourself. Simply whisk the white of an egg and cover the face with it. A good home remedy against wrinkles and for a supple skin!


11: You can also rub an apple, mix with some honey, then apply to the face and wash off after half an hour. This also helps against wrinkles effectively!

12: Of course, I did not forget to drink a lot of water because this also helps against wrinkles and increases the elasticity of the skin immensely.

It was a wonderful weekend and I know that I must do this again!

These simple uses with home remedies that cost nothing or almost nothing are really great and you can see the success. What more could I wish for?

Try my model beauty tips and make with my proven 12 home remedies a nice wellness day just for yourself!

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