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Stage Fright - What you can do about it!


Recently I spoke with a wonderful photo model and we discussed a topic that affects a lot of people – stage fright. Almost each and every one of us knows how nervous you are before an important presentation, a lecture in front of many people or even sometimes just before a significant date..

Here you can read a little story told by the Fotomodel. Perhaps you can get some helpful tips:

I was a photo model and can still remember well my beginnings. I always had big problems with stage fright. I was incredibly proud that I made it. One day there was my first appointment at an advertising agency. For me it was a dream coming true! I paved my way with confidence. But the closer I got to the agency, the more nervous I was. My hands began to tremble, and I felt quite lazy in my stomach. I had real anguish and started to sweat. Not so great before an appointment. When I arrived at the finish, my nerves really got to me. My heart pounded wildly, and when the photographer’s greeting blushed, I was really embarrassed!

But then I realized I was prepared well. I looked good, dressed properly, wore subtle make-up, just as the agency asked for from me. I had all the documents in it so I started to relax a little. I also knew that stage fright was fear of the unknown.


Why do we have stage fright?

I knew that my stage fright came from fear of negative evaluation. So I did not ask anymore how the others saw me, but I was looking forward to being able to present myself. I was also aware that my stage fright is inseparably linked to the expectation that the quality of my performance depends on others. It was easy to be afraid of failure.

I was also afraid of rejection because I questioned myself. Will I be accepted for who I am? Stage fright, of course, is also associated with considerable self-doubt, which transgresses into failure. I tried to remember all situations and assignments where I was professional and successful. So I could expel my negative thoughts as best it could.

How I managed my stage fright?

I used my stress because it made me active. I didn’t give up and became more and more experienced and began to feel more and more secure. In my thoughts, I have always played the situations that are coming to me. This made me more relaxed and felt better prepared. I’ve always said to myself the sentences, “I can do that,” “I’m well prepared.” That really helped me. I also believed in myself, my strengths and my abilities

Deep inhaling and exhaling (each breath for about 3-5 seconds) is also a little trick, because it lowers the stress levels and releases tensions.


Believe in yourself and be self-confident!

And so I did not enter in the agency, but was on it. I immediately looked for eye contact with those present and made a connection at the same time. Of course, a friendly smile helped as well. With the people of the advertising agency and the photographer in front of my shooting a bit of small talk has led me relaxed and my nervousness decreased. And it was a super shoot through my little tricks.

Today I know quite well: stage fright belongs to it, because it makes you more alert and more concentrated.

Being a model is exhausting but it is fantastic! You should always love your job and always think positively – then you will also get the stage fright under control!

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