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Baby models – How to get the first shoot


Whether for catalogs, magazines or in commercials: Baby models are always sought after for a wide variety of projects.

Many parents would love to see their baby in front of the camera and ask themselves: "How can my baby become a baby model? How to get the first shoot?"

The most important thing is that the baby has fun and joy in front of the camera.

With go-models you are already right and can relax and discover the model world together.

But how does a photoshoot actually work and what should you consider?

Often it is the parents who are most excited when a shoot with their baby is imminent.

Important: Your mood also affects your child! The more serene you are, the more you transfer this to your baby.

You wonder, how can my baby become a baby model? Or your child is already a baby model? We will give you tips on how to make the first shoot relaxed.

This is undoubtedly an exciting time for the whole family.


Discus everything in advance!

Before you even get the job done with your baby, it's important to sort everything out with the client in advance. Write down your most important questions and calmly review the whole process - step by step.

The client can then explain to you exactly what he imagines and what you should take with you, etc.

Although baby shootings can at any time cause unforeseen moments, everything should be diskussed as much as possible in advance.

Take something familiar with you!

Baby models can often be sensitive to a new and unfamiliar environment, especially when there are still strangers on set.

Here it would be good that you are in the studio sometime before the shooting, just to allow your baby to warm up to the environment and the atmosphere.

It can also help to put off the excitement a little bit and enable you to talk to the responsible people.

In any case, be sure to take your baby's favorite toy or blanket with you. Holding that favorite stuffed animal in your hands can sometimes work wonders! :)

This way, the photographer can also see how easy it is to motivate your baby with toys.

Also important: Please do not forget the changing bag and pack everything in time!


Don't overburden!

No one on set and in the studio will know your baby so well as you do as the parents! Observe your baby's behavior. If necessary, the shooting must be interrupted or resumed at another time. As I said at the beginning: fun and joy is the most important thing!


Ensure that you leave in time and may plan for a lot of traffic along your route. It's always better to arrive a little early than being too late!

If you have a longer journey, you may arrive a day before, so that your baby does not feel distressed from the journey during the shooting.

Avoiding stress in any way is a good starting point for the first baby shooting to become a great experience!

In any case, save the contact details of the client so that you can reach them on the go.

Of course, it is also important that your baby appears well-groomed and clean to the shoot (fresh nappy and clothing).

General advice: The first shoot should be fun for both the parents and the baby model! Even if it doesn't work out the way you want it to, it's not a drama. Not anybody will blame you if your little one doesn't have such a good day.

If you appear calm, in a good mood and positive with your baby for the first shoot, everything will surely work out well!

You can learn more about Baby modeling here.

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