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#Fashionista – how to become a style expert


Confident in style and self-confident: For many young women fashion and shopping has long been a hobby and a part of everyday life. If you are a fashionista too, these tips on how to become a style expert could be of interest to you.

Especially on Instagram or Pinterest the presentation of fashion plays an important role. More and more young women blog and present their personal style on their own blog.

But what exactly is a fashionista?

A fashionista is a young woman who puts a lot of emphasis on her fashion. Whether it's the latest fashion or new trends - a fashionista always has a good knack for fashion.

7 tips for the ultimate fashionista

  1. Basics

    Oh, the good old basics. Who would not have them?

    Whether classic blouses, jeans, blazers, white T-shirts or the little black dress. Fashion basics are always in neutral colors, timeless and easy to combine.

    Try combining your basic parts with great, more eye-catching trendy pieces. For example, a black, chic dress with a blazer looks much more casual.

    A further tip: If you simply hang a stylish jacket over your shoulders, you will automatically give your outfit more elegance!


  2. Accessories

    Accessories are the nuts and bolts of any fashionista!

    Whether jewelry, a hat, bags, sunglasses, a clock or a scarf - these spice up any outfit.

    Why not highlight oversize sweaters or blouses with a belt and emphasize your waist a bit more?

    Another great idea: Combine real jewelry with costume jewelry! Particularly popular are so-called "statement necklaces" (large, often colorful necklaces) or earrings. These are already eye-catchers in their own right.

    But note: "Less is more!" Too much jewelry may look too cheesy.


  3. Do not fear patterns

    Especially stripes are always timeless. Striped blouses or trousers always look trendy.

    Also, you can easily grab colorful patterns!

    Important: The overall picture should look harmonious! Check for matching colors if you wish to combine a patterned garment!

  4. Shoes

    Even if you do not have a mighty budget, you will look much more stylish with the right footwear.

    A fashionista has at least one pair of every shoe at home. Ballerinas, sneakers, pumps, ankle boots, overknee, etc.

    If you buy shoes in neutral colors, you can always combine them with several outfits.

    Tip for autumn: Especially oversize sweaters, loose dresses or blouses look great with a waist belt and over-knee boots!


  5. Get ideas

    Often you do not know where to start or what garments you could combine. Tips can be found here not only on social media like Instagram, Pinterest or blogs - but also in second-hand shops.

    Especially there you can often find real jewelry and designer clothes - at a normal price.

  6. Find your style

    As a fashionista, you should always stand by your own style and stay true to it.

    It is also important that you adapt your clothes to your body shape. There is no point in buying yourself things that look good - but do not fit 100%.

    You should always feel comfortable in your clothes and also find yourself in your fashion.

    Tip: It can be difficult to find suitable clothing in normal shops. If you're creative, you can also sew your own clothes or have them made by a seamstress.

  7. Make-up and hair

    As a fashionista, body care is essential.

    Make sure not only that your clothes are always clean, but also on well-groomed hair and nails!

    The make-up should be tailored to the outfit!

It may take time until you realize which fashion suits you! As a fashionista, you should always enjoy fashion and find your own style! We hope these tips help you to find out how to become a style expert and enjoy life as a true fashionista.

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