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Modeling career continuing after pregnancy? Sure!


Stars like Heidi Klum do it: Even after four children, she's still in the spotlight and looks stunning! They are, almost naturally, continuing their modeling career after pregnancy. Still, most mothers think that stretch marks and too much skin on the abdomen are an absolute no-go for a model. A perfect "after-baby body" is the goal of many women. Crush diets and lots of sports are the results. Instead of enjoying the time with the new family member, some young mothers tend to stress themselves into an unhealthy body craze.

However, this is entirely unfounded. Because: Even as a mother you can become a model!

No reason to stress

Every woman is different and each body reacts differently to pregnancy. Heidi Klum shows off a well-trained, flat stomach just weeks after giving birth to her fourth child. The combination of a personal trainer, Photoshop and good disposition have certainly played a decisive role here. The average mom is busy with her baby though. Few have money and time for a personal trainer. And that's not bad! Many lose the excess kilos already after a few weeks due to a change in diet. But as long as you are satisfied with yourself, you don't have to declare the fight against these few kilos anymore!


Models proudly show off their pregnancy stripes

Top model Chrissy Teigen posts a photo four months after giving birth to her daughter - with pregnancy and stretch marks! In doing so, she sent a signal that celebrity mums and model stars are also just normal women. For this self-evidentness and naturalness, the model received, for good reason, much respect and sympathy from almost everyone. The female body is not something to be ashamed of before, during or after pregnancy.


Mums as supermodels

Every woman who has gone through the pain, effort and subsequent happiness of pregnancy and childbirth is a heroine. And that's what makes mums in front of the camera very special women and models! Sime little beauty flaws such as a belly fold or the scar of a cesarean section do not matter here. Because this only shows strength and life experience.

Any woman can become a model!

One or more pregnancies is no reason to hide. The "tracks" of pregnancy are not an obstacle and should not deter anyone from their dream. Starting or continuing your modeling career after pregnancy? Of course, pregnancy is not the end!

So, to all the Mamis whose dream is to model: Dare and apply!

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