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The first TFP-Shooting with models Nicole and Julia


You would like to become a TFP model, but don't have much experience and no professional photos yet? Not a problem! Read here how the first TFP-Shooting with models Julia and Nicole went.

Many aspiring models purposefully use TFP shoots to get more practice in posing and expand their portfolio by some great photos.

You don't know what a TFP shoot is yet? We'll explain it to you below and show two of our models at their recent successful TFP shoot.

What exactly does the term TFP shooting mean?

A TFP shoot is a free photoshoot where a model and photographer can implement new ideas. The model gets professional photos for the model Comp card while the photographer has new faces in front of the camera.

Here you can read more about TFP-Shootings.


Models Nicole and Julia-Fiona convince

Recently, models Nicole and Julia-Fiona from go-models.com had a TFP shoot in Vienna.

During the shoot with the photographer Rheinheart Malatag, the models were able to explore different locations in Vienna over two shooting days.

The outdoor shoot was a great experience for both models. Most importantly, they could practice posing and their expression with different looks.

Especially for aspiring models, it is important to be confident in posing and to present themselves in the pictures as multifaceted.

Even if you plan to become a serious model, a TFP shoot is a great way to get your first experience in front of the camera.


About the photographer

Photographer Rheinheart Malatag has been photographing newcomers in the field of portrait/fashion for some time.

Above all, it is important for him to keep his own style and to refrain from filtering and using Photoshop gadgets. This is to ensure the natural look of the model can be maintained.

Certainly, the pictures are a highly presentable outcome of the TFP shoot!


As this first TFP-Shooting with models Julia and Nicole shows, becoming a TFP model is easy! Why not try it yourself?

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