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Alexandra's Comp Card Shooting – just convincing!


At Alexandra's first comp card shooting she gained experience and expanded her model portfolio – and she was just convincing!

The newcomer model was allowed to prove her charisma in front of the camera for go-models! :)

Different looks

During the comp card shoot, we tried several different looks and outfits with Alexandra. She was also able to implement her own ideas and get creative when posing! :)

If you also would like to become a model yourself, a multifaceted Model Comp Card is vital to demonstrate your versatility.


Photographer & Make-up Artist

The comp card shooting took place in a modern studio with a professional and experienced photographer. With the help of our make-up artist, we were able to make Alexandra shine in front of the camera and express her personality.

As a photographer, Alexander Gebhardt puts the model in the limelight.

Thanks to his many years of experience as a photographer, Alexander Gebhardt also had valuable tips for the model. This included advice on posing and facial expressions in front of the camera.

As the owner of Independent Fashion Platform, Drezzer, Alexander Gebhardt is always on the lookout for new faces. Some of them may stand in front of his camera one day.


What does Alexandra say about her comp card shoot?

"At first I was a bit nervous, but after the first few pictures, it was really fun. It was a really great experience to stand in front of the camera. I also enjoyed having a professional make-up artist!"

The results of Alexandra's comp card shooting were great. She used this opportunity to update her model comp card and add to its quality with great photos. And congratulations to Alexandra, she was just convincing that day!

A current comp card is the most important thing for all those who want to Become a Model.

So if you think of becoming a model yourself, comp card shootings or TFP shoots are a great way to expand your comp card.

A meaningful comp card is essential because it gives the first impression to potential clients. You may not get a second chance.

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