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HOW TO: The perfect Winged Eyeliner


Winged eyeliner – It’s a great way to set the eyes on the scene. But as beautiful as it may be, who doesn’t know how to do it? The first eye is perfect right away, the second eye looks more like a “Panda” than a “sexy cat eye” after half an hour. In this article, you’ll find a few tips that will help you achieve faster and even results.

#1: How do I pull the eyeliner?

There are various cosmetic products that can help you get beautiful eyeliner.

But what is the most suitable for me?

When I started to paint myself, I mostly used eyeliner pencils.

Advantage – the job is relatively uncomplicated and fast. However, it is not easy to work very precisely with it. However, I did not receive my perfect winged eyeliner.

A little later, I discovered a gel-eyeliner for me. Even today I use the Mac’s BlackTrack. When using gel-eyeliner it is definitely important to use a good brush too. Whether you choose a very thin, tapered brush or a wider, flat bevelled brush, is left to everyone. Some are better off with the other.

I can personally recommend MAC and ZOEVA brushes. Liquid eyeliner is, as the name implies, very fluid. What I like about Liquid eyeliner is the opacity, which one often doesn’t get so well with eyeliner pencils.

In addition, liquid eyeliners allow a truly precise job- super-suitable for a beautiful Winged Eyeliner. I can recommend the waterproof eyeliner from CATRICE.

#2: How do I start?

Before you start drawing your eyelid, you should set up a good base. What do you mean with that? First, your eyelids should not be oily. In order to be as beautiful as possible, I first wear my MAC Prolongwear Concealer on the eyelid. Not only does it look better, it also makes it suppler.


In addition, it is important to bring the eyebrows “in shape” before you do it. You are probably wondering now what your eyebrows have to do with your eyeliner.


It is best to sit down with a mirror at a well-lit table where you can support your elbow. First of all, I start by pulling the eyeliner (with liquid eyeliner) from the inside out.


If this part is done, I change to eyeshadow. YES- that’s right! Black, matt, well-pigmented eyeshadow. I take the colour first with a wide flat brush. Then I look straight into the mirror (without distorting the eyes somehow). Now I think of a line between the outer edge of my eye and the end of my eyebrow.

I draw a line with the eyeshadow in this angle.


In the next step I pull the wing, which was first pulled with eyeshadow, with liquid or gel-eyeliner. My great Winged Eyeliner is finished!

FINISHED! Sounds a lot first, but is really a good way to do it correctly.

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XOXO, Your Ines

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