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Body Positivity – What we can learn from bloggers


In the last year, more realistic and natural photos have been posted on Instagram. Young women, in particular, show themselves as they are, without filters and Photoshop. Body positivity – it seems this is what we can learn from bloggers: To accept yourself and show how you really are. Is that really possible?

Fact is that the "body positivity movement" is becoming more and more popular on Instagram. As a result, bloggers from diverse backgrounds are showing off their flaws. Whether with cellulite, excess skin or stretch marks.

But how did this movement come about?

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform on which celebrities and lifestyle bloggers share most content. On average, 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily. Instagram is focused on photo and video content. Staged photos of models or lifestyle bloggers use to get a lot of attention.

Many users resort to Photoshop. They present themselves only styled at their best. Some even cheat with practiced poses to appear a few kilos lighter.

In response, the "body positivity" trend is becoming more and more popular.

This movement is all about one thing: "It's ok if you're not perfect!"

You should be confident in yourself and show yourself as you are. No matter what dress size you wear. Because everybody is beautiful and unique!

Somebody who has absolutely perfected this "body positivity" trend is Celeste Barber. As a comedian, she tries to imitate staged photos of stars on her Instagram account.

With her funny picture comments, her photos are the absolute highlight in the staged world of the photo sharing platform.

Image: celestebarber/ Instagram

Her photos make it particularly clear how posed and planned many poses and photos on Instagram actually are. The honest kind of Celeste Barber is very well received. That's what their 3.1 million followers say on Instagram. (As of February 2018) (Stand: Februar 2018)

Image: celestebarber/ Instagram

More and more bloggers are joining the "body positivity" trend. They begin to show themselves in unfavorable poses in a real and authentic way.

More Examples

Like lifestyle blogger Sara Puhto. She eats vegan, does sports and stands by the fact that her body is not perfect either.

Especially popular are her "Instagram vs. Reality" pictures.

View this post on Instagram

Instagram vs reality ????????‍♀️???? It's odd how much we seek approval from others, getting validation from compliments and likes. Even today I looked at the photo on the left and thought to myself that's not "Instagram worthy" enough for this post because my face looks weird and I have a skin roll ???? But that just goes to show the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to seem perfect!! But we don't need to! These are normal things and we don't look the same in all our photos! You shouldn't need a 'perfect' 'instagrammable' photo of yourself to love yourself. You shouldn't let the amount of likes you get, dictate how you feel about yourself. We all look different and those differences make you, you!! Nobody looks the same 24/7 in all their photos so don't be hard on yourself trying to look like everyone you see on social media!! Love your uniqueness because it's amazing and makes you the lovely person that you are!! ????☀️ PS I'm sorry if you're getting bored of these, I love posting them and many people love them so I'm not gonna stop ???????? ------------------------------------------ . . . #thankyourbody #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #nobodyshame #reality #selfesteem #selfacceptance #lawofattraction #youareworthit #youareunique #insecurities #healthyhabits #loveyourbody #effyourbeautystandards

A post shared by Sara Puhto (@saggysara) on

Image: saggysara/ Instagram

She highlights how easy it is to "manipulate" photos with a different posture. Furthermore, she shows how easy it is to make yourself look a few kilos lighter. In her image comments, she is a reflection of physical and mental health. But she also serves as an inspiration, especially for young people.

German fitness blogger Louisa Dellert is also looking for "perfect" pictures. Years ago, she starved herself to 46kg, only to chase a beauty ideal. Excessive sports and little food have left their mark. When she was diagnosed with a heart defect, she decided to change her lifestyle.

Today she eats what she likes and continues to exercise regularly, but only because she enjoys it and no longer has to lose weight with the cramped goal.

Hashtags on Instagram

Louisa the Hashtag #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram is particularly popular. She advocates not putting pressure on women to pursue that ideal of a "perfect" body. This means that women should accept themselves as they are and only do what they really enjoy.

In the summer, for example, she posted a picture of herself jogging, on which you can see cellulite on her leg. With the message: "Summer is not here to hide!" she encouraged young women to grab shorts, irrespective of how their legs look like.

Image: louisadellert/ Instagram

The 'Body Positivity' movement actually does something

Major fashion companies prove that this "body positivity" movement is actually changing the fashion world. In fact, 'Asos' and 'misguided' have already decided not to retouch their pictures any more. Now you can see models with stretch marks and cellulite in their online shop.

In France, a law is already in force that restricts the use of Photoshop. This is to prevent young women in particular from chasing an unrealistic body image. Definitely, a step in the right direction!

You only have one body! Learn body positivity from bloggers! Don't be so hard on yourself and rather enjoy life. Nobody is perfect!

Because you are good just the way you are!

A self-confident and "body-positive" attitude will greatly help you if you consider becoming a model.

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