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France: When Photoshop gets too much


A slender waist, voluminous hair, white teeth and a flawless face: Models in magazines and TV commercials always look shiny.

Especially young girls believe that these are prerequisites to becoming a model. However, many of them are not aware that models are not perfect either.

Many young girls in particular do not realize that even models are not perfect.

A law in France brings regulation with the purpose to change this now - in times when Photoshop probably gets too much

Against a false body image

Since 1. October 2017 there is a law in France which requires to mark all photos that have been edited as such.

Narrowing the body shape, whitening the teeth or smoothing impurities in the face by means of Photoshop? This all must be explicitly recognizable as "photographe retouchee“ (translated: edited photo). Otherwise, a hefty fine of up to €37,500 beckons!

The intention of this law is to combat anorexia and an unrealistic ideal of beauty. Time and again, young women are confronted with photos that have been edited and are sometimes unrealistic. This conveys a completely inappropriate body image to them.


Most recently, model Emily Ratajkowski had also complained that in a cover photo her lips and breasts had been enlarged too much.

Posting on Instagram, she wrote, among other things, „I hope that the fashion industry will finally stop retouching everything that makes us so unique – and begin to accept people’s individuality.“

Models on the catwalk

Every model who wants to go on the catwalk in France, Spain and Israel must now present a medical certificate to confirm their physical health.

Also, the Body Mass Index (BMI) should not be under 19 for women and under 20 for men.


The law aims to protect young models but also young girls and to show more reality. The fashion companies 'Asos' and 'Desigual' have also renounced Photoshop in past campaigns. They now present models in swimwear even with stretch marks and cellulite. Many users then thanked these companies for finally showing models as they are.

This is an inspiration for many young women to accept themselves and their bodies as they are! Because nobody is perfect!

Lawmakers in other countries can probably learn from France and bring in similar legislation when they feel that Photoshop gets too much.

Read about the wider trend back to "normal size" beauty ideals and more naturalness.

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