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Child models – the special little stars


Reports of baby and children models are regularly available on television and in newspapers. Child models are kind of special little stars.

Girls and boys under the age of six who work as real models meet a lot of criticism. Many of the little ones can already act like the adult models. Fun posing in front of the camera, proudly showing designer clothes and enjoying a real star feeling on set.

Which mother and father would not like to see their child on TV or in advertising brochures?


The kinder Chocolate Star

Almost everyone knows the face of the boy who was the "face" of 'kinder Chocolate' for decades.

Günter Euringer from Munich, today a filmmaker, received exactly 300 DM for two short photoshoots at the age of ten. Turns out, that the success he had at a young age was only the beginning of a great career.

In the meantime, the company Ferrero has new kinder Chocolate models and is continually looking for more. This should not be a problem with one of the most coveted jobs for children's models.

The way to becoming a child model – agencies are looking for all ages

Nowadays the marketing industry is looking for baby and child models of all ages.

Even babies under two years of age are already in front of the camera for big brands such as Pampers, Hipp, etc., and they are beaming. Child models are in high demand for promotional clips that are intended to appeal to families in particular.

For example, for Nutella, milk cuts, or car advertisements. If a child dreams of modeling, they can easily apply to a model portal online. The application process just requires the upload of pictures and the consent of the parents.

With a bit of luck, it might soon be able to land its first "job". Generally, every child and baby can model. Two things a future child model should definitely have though are fun on the job and the right charisma.

With kid models, the focus is on a sunny mind.


Frequent criticism

One must treat children like children because that's what they are.

A full schedule, stress and exaggerated expectations on part of the parents can turn out to be destructive. A baby or child may quickly lose the fun in modeling. You shouldn't force your children to continue modeling, as modeling should always be an asset for a child!

If a child no longer feels like engaging in modeling, the parents must accept this. Reputable model portals will support and advise parents on any questions at any time.

In general…

There's nothing sweeter than photographing bright babies in golden poses. Or watching little girls and boys smile proudly into the camera and feel like real stars. Child models are indeed the special little stars.

And as long as the fun of modeling is the main motivation, there is nothing wrong with that. And the children enjoy the attention!

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