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Perfect eyebrows in 3 easy steps


Never before have eyebrows received as much attention as they do now. And there is a reason for this as they frame our face and can give us different expressions. To avoid having to click through loads of YouTube tutorials, I'll give you the tips here that helped me a lot and show you how to get the perfect eyebrows in 3 easy steps.

Tip #1: Shape

The form is decisive! Too often you see women with unshaped eyebrows. Whether too short, too thick or asymmetrical.

To determine the best shape for your eyebrows, it is necessary that you first put a ruler vertically, starting from your nasal wing. Normally your brows should start here. Keep in mind, however, that this is only a 'proposal'. The closer your eyebrows are to each other, the narrower your nose. If your eyebrows are very far apart, they make your nose look wider. Then hold the pen/ruler perennially at the level of the pupil. Here should be the highest point of your eyebrow. Finally, place the pen/ruler in a line from your nasal wing to the outer edge of your eye. The point at which the ruler stops is also the point where your eyebrows should end!

Thick, relatively straight brows make you look younger. Thin, curved eyebrows make you look a little older.

That's why it is a 2 good idea to experiment with the form ☺.


Tip #2: Color & Shading

How do I get full eyebrows?

You often see eyebrows that seem way too thick or clumsy. This is because no single strokes were painted, but the paint was applied too thickly. If you use an eyebrow pencil, it is important to sharpen it beforehand! That makes a huge difference. The gradient is also essential. The brows should become darker towards the end and not the other way round to make itself look "softer" and not too "edgy". If you already have very full brows, it is usually enough to fill them with eyeshadow or "brow powder". Afterwards, do not forget the eyebrow gel so that it will last all day. ☺


For light types, the rule is that the brows should be darker than the hair color by about 3 shades. Dark-haired women should wear their eyebrows about 3 shades brighter than their current hair color. The undertone is essential as well. Too often you see very red-stitched eyebrows. Especially for women who have very bright eyebrows, it is important not to resort to red-stitched colors! Light grays are better suited for this!

Tip #3: WowBrow

To add the finishing touches to your eyebrows, you can apply concealers under your eyebrows. Optionally, you can also use highlighters to emphasize them even more. This makes a huge difference and makes your face look much more "defined". in any case!

Thank you for reading. I tried to show you how you can achieve the perfect look of your eyebrows in just 3 steps. I hope you liked it!

With your perfect eyebrows soon, why not become a model yourself? You can read more here how to become a model.

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