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The Independent Fashion platform for every model


For all those who are keen to become a model: This is the ultimate independent fashion platform for every model

Today we wish to introduce you to one of our clients and partners, the young start-up company Drezzer.

What is Drezzer?

On Drezzer you can shop high-quality and stylish fashion articles.

Drezzer is no longer unknown. Its founder, Alexander Gebhardt, recently appeared in the Austrian TV show 'Puls4' at '2 Minutes, 2 Million'. Moreover, he was a guest to the “Fashion Duell”. This show also starred Uschi Fellner and Harald Glööckler.


On Drezzer, selected independent fashion labels present their individual fashion. In fact, the quality of fashion is the main focus here!

On this fashion platform, you will always find the latest and hottest trends and can browse the Online Shop.

On top of that, Drezzer offers you as a model a community to convince with your style.

You want to become a model? In fact, Drezzer enables you to connect directly with designers and labels. This is why we say: Drezzer – the independent fashion platform for every model.

What is Independent Fashion?

Independent fashion is all about stylish fashion with high-quality materials.

All products are manufactured exclusively in Europe. Actually, they are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Drezzer offers streetwear, sporty-elegant to exceptional, and classy underwear. As a result, there is something for everyone at Drezzer!


Your chance to become a model

You want to become a model or are already a model? Drezzer is always looking for new models for various projects!

At Drezzer you can directly present the unique and trendy fashion from the labels. So, being a model is simplified!

On Drezzer, you can take a look at the latest fashion and get inspiration how to become a style expert. They truly are the independent fashion platform for every successful model.

Of course, you can also find Drezzer on Facebook and Instagram!

There will be a lot more to come. So, subscribe to us and stay excited about what's next!

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