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Your Model Comp Card – a must-have!


Jobs, shoots and many professional pictures: As a model, you will definitely have a lot of variety and many new challenges ahead of you. With your own Model Comp Card, or also called Comp card, you can present yourself from your best side – it's a must-have for a model career! Here we tell you everything you need to know about it

What is actually a comp card?

A Model Comp card is your personal "business card" as a model! Suitable for this are DIN A4 or A5 formats.

On the comp card, you will have 5 varied and meaningful photos of you! With your go-models Comp card is exactly given what kind of images you should upload.

The first picture on your comp card is a large portrait of you. The other 4 photos include full-body, styling, outfit and a photo of your choice.

Of course, your pictures also include your important body data such as measurements, height, weight, age, etc.

This way, clients have an overview of everything important.

With your comp card, you should convince in any case as beautiful pictures attract the eye and arouse interest in further pictures of you.


  • The photos should display your versatility with different styles, outfits, and poses!
  • Add portrait and full-body photos, however definitely without any filters (Snapchat and co.).
  • With naturalness and self-confidence, you can score the most.
  • Be well-recognizable and shown alone in your photos.
  • Present yourself in different situations and moods (cheerful, happy, serious, and so on).
  • Create your comp card with professional photos, preferably from a photographer. Since this is a bit more difficult at the beginning, you will learn more about TFP shootings in our next article.


Show how unique you are!

Beautiful photos anticipate to clients directly how you will act in front of the camera! Personal photos that capture your positive charisma and show you in all situations: This is what clients would like to see!

More than just a business card!

A well-designed Comp card with great photos is not only beautiful to look at but is also a sign of neatness. Punctuality and reliability are important for clients because nobody will book a pretty model if he or she does not appear to an order!

Start in the international model world!

Comp cards are common as must-have for models and are represented worldwide. The great thing: Your online Comp card can be downloaded directly from us and thus also printed out! While you are waiting for a job, your comp card may already be on the table at various castings!

Our go-model professional tips:

The nicer your Comp card is, the higher your chance of securing a great order! Don't be impatient and use the time to work on yourself and try to get good photos.

Ask your girlfriends or family members to help you take beautiful photos! Together it's more fun, and friends can also give you posing tips!

In case you prefer to take beautiful pictures of yourself, you may read our tips here and learn how easy it is.

Anyway, not only will you be able to apply directly for jobs, but you can also be contacted by clients at any time.

You have truly exciting model days ahead of you to really start your career! Do not hesitate and get your camera out! :)

Create your own model comp card – the must-have for every successful model career.

Have fun!

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