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7 Sports Motivation tips to achieve your goals!


All beginnings are difficult and often you don't know exactly how to start!

Would you probably like to do a little more sport or start sports in general, but don't know how? Here we have 7 ultimate motivation tips for you on how to achieve your goals in sports.

1. Everything starts in the head

It all starts with your own setting! Any motivation tips are only successful if you are not looking for excuses! Without compromise!

Use "I will…" sentences for your goals and write them down for yourself.

So you can repeat them every day and tell yourself – just a little tip to change your mindset!

2. Set goals

Set small goals and define them for you. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? What do you want to change about yourself? What do you want to improve?

Be sure to define your goals as specifically as possible. Then write down your goals so that you can keep them in mind regularly.

Very important: You have to really want it! Your goals should be important to you alone – and to no one else!

Insider Tip: If you're struggling to define your goals, imagine yourself in certain situations. How do you want to feel on the beach in the summer? What should your mirror image look like? This can help you find the right goals for you.


3. Making plans

After you have defined your goals, set a period of time in which you want to achieve them!

Set a deadline for the first results! By when do you want to lose or increase 1kg of weight? For how long do you want to give up sweets?

In order to stay tunes, it is also important to create meal plans. When you plan and pre-cook your meals, it's easier to change your diet and stick to it. When you go shopping, always make a list and stick to it!

Another of our motivational tips: Behave yourself from time to time! If you've kept yourself good all week, you can also grab fast food or sweets on weekends.

4. Your diet: the basis

Whether you wish to lose weight, reduce fat or build muscle mass – it all starts with your diet!

Do not eat processed foods such as fast food, wheat products, and sweets. Because these do not saturate for long, quickly increase blood sugar levels and lead to the dreaded craving attacks!

You should rather prefer high-quality foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

It is important that you pay particular attention to the macronutrients – namely carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

With a diet, it can be helpful to reduce carbohydrates and consume more protein. Protein is an important component of the muscles and saturates quickly.

Also ensure you have regular meals!

Insider’s tip: If you can't do without sugar at all, use sugar substitutes such as Xucker. This has no calories, no fattening effect and is also suitable for diabetics!


5. Regularity

Our next motivational tip: Keep going! Even if it's not always easy – it will be worth the effort! Results do not happen overnight yet in a continuous process that can take different lengths of time!

Do not forget: You are doing it for yourself!

Motivation tip: It doesn't matter what the scales indicate, but what you see in the mirror. Don't go crazy and don't stress yourself!

6. Cravings

Who doesn't know the feeling?! Actually, you're not really hungry, but there is that strong desire for certain goodies. It is difficult to contain yourself until you finally give in to the temptation.

To prevent craving attacks, drink a lot! A glass of water often helps.

If necessary, use healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables or even protein bars.

Secret tip: Many tend to eat or snack simply out of boredom or even distraction. So, better get busy! Go for a walk, call a friend or start reading a book – find something you like! The more busy you are, the less you think about the food, and the craving will disappear!

7. Fitness Apps

Fitness apps such as Yazio or My Fitness Pal can make it easier for you to get started and help you to go on.

With these apps, you enter your body data (body size, weight, age,) and the app will calculate your goal and your daily personal calorie requirement.


Every meal should be entered there because this way the app tells you exactly how much of the macronutrients you have already taken in and how many calories you have left.

So you always keep track of the calories you take in! In addition, these 12 great diet tips may be of use to you as well.

Secret tip: With the fitness app 'PumpUp' you have some free training exercises at your disposal – you should join!

We hope that with these 7 tips you will find your motivation for sports and achieve your goals.

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